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Board Positions

Welcome to the Board Position Matching Service.

The Service is aimed at:

  • Individuals looking to make a stronger connection with their community by joining a Board or Committee of Management;
  • Workplace volunteering programs looking to make a long-lasting difference to their communities by putting their hand up to join a Board or Committee of management; and
  • Community group Boards or Committees of Management who are looking for new members.

The service is designed to help individuals make a deeper, longer lasting connection with their community, and to allow community groups to access a new pool of skilled and willing helpers. As one community group recently commented: "Your advertisement resulted in our finding not only one but two excellent Board members for our committee. We are very grateful for the service you provide, as there is no way we could otherwise have known of these women."

Find a Board Position (free service)

Advertise a Board Position (free service)

Double the impact

Board listings added to this Board Matching Service will also be featured on GoodJobs.com.au, increasing the reach of your new board member search.

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Please note:

The Board Matching Service is offered as a free service to help individuals, community groups and businesses make connections and build better boards. The boards/committees listing vacancies, nor the individuals expressing an interest in those vacancies, are not endorsed by Our Community, the Institute of Community Directors Australia or Good Jobs.





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