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Advertise a Board Position

  • Step One: Go to Advertise a Community Group Board Vacancy

  • Step Two: Fill in the form, giving details about your organisation and your board vacancy. You will be asked to specify the interest area of your organisation, details about your board (size, meeting regularity etc.), the type of vacancy you are hoping to fill (chair, treasurer, secretary, general board member) and the area of expertise sought in new board members (if any). Click "Submit board vacancy".

  • Step Three: Details about your board vacancy will be sent to Our Community for posting on the Board Matching Service, usually within 24 hours, and also in Our Community's Good Moves and Our Community Matters newsletters. The Board Matching Service is also promoted to employer and industry bodies.

  • Step Four: Individuals who are interested in your board vacancy will provide contact details and some brief information about their skills and why they think they may be suitable for the position. These details will be emailed directly to your nominated contact person via email.

  • Step Five: You are responsible for making contact with the people who have expressed an interest in your board vacancy. You should also ensure that normal screening procedures are undertaken to gauge the suitability of the candidate. Click here for a list of help sheets that can help guide your recruitment and selection processes.

  • Step Six: Your vacancy will remain "live" on the Board Matching Service for three months, unless you ask us to keep it current for longer. You can remove the position at any time by emailing service@ourcommunity.com.au.

Double the impact

Board listings added to this Board Matching Service will also be featured on GoodJobs.com.au, increasing the reach of your new board member search.

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Please note:

The Board Matching Service is offered as a free service to help individuals, community groups and businesses make connections and build better boards. The boards/committees listing vacancies, nor the individuals expressing an interest in those vacancies, are not endorsed by Our Community, the Institute of Community Directors Australia or Good Jobs.

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