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Dental Health Services Victoria Community Advisory Committee


Annual Budget: more than $1,500,000
Number of Paid Staff: more than 100
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Community Segment: Health

Current Board Size: 8-12
Board Meetings (frequency): quarterly
Board Meetings Held: During Day
State where Board Meetings Held: Victoria
Local Government Area: Melbourne City Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

Consumer Member - Community Advisory Committee

Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) has a vacancy for a Consumer Member on its Community Advisory Committee.

This is a voluntary position.

It’s the people who make the difference at Dental Health Services Victoria.

About the role:  

The DHSV Community Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the DHSV Board. It is a legislated advisory committee, to provide advice and direction to the Board of Directors to assist the Board in carrying out its consumer and community engagement responsibilities.

 The Committee consists of between six and ten Consumer Members and two Board Directors.

Consumer Members bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the Committee. If you can provide the perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers, and/or pregnant women, we would particularly like to hear from you.

 Responsibilities include:

·         Participating in Community Advisory Committee meetings quarterly for two hours.

·         Contributing to the work of the Committee to assist in meeting its responsibilities as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

 To be successful in this role you will have:

·         Recent or current experience as a consumer of public dental services (i.e. as a patient or carer of a patient) and a strong connection with one or more community groups accessing public dental services.

·         The ability to communicate ideas clearly and actively participate in and contribute to Committee discussions and deliberations.

 Please note:

The Board must give preference to people who are not health practitioners and who are not currently or recently employed in the provision of health services.

 For more information:

Contact Sue Kearney, Executive Officer, by email community@dhsv.org.au or telephone 9341 1390.

 For more information about the DHSV Community Advisory Committee including the Terms of Reference:


Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) is the leading public oral health agency in Victoria. We aim to improve the oral health of all Victorians, particularly vulnerable groups and those most in need. We provide Victorians with quality oral healthcare through The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne (RDHM) and by purchasing dental services for public patients from more than 53 community health agencies throughout Victoria.

To apply for the position go to www.dentaljobs.org.au ,search for the position and follow the prompts to apply.

Role: Consumer Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Advocacy, Community Specialist
Targeting: English as an additional language or dialect, Refugees/asylum seekers, people experiencing homelessness

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