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Manjimup Family Centre


Annual Budget: $75,001-$250,000
Number of Paid Staff: 4 - 10
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Community Segment: Human Services, Community & Economic Development, Education

Current Board Size: 8-12
Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly
Board Meetings Held: During Day
State where Board Meetings Held: Western Australia
Local Government Area: Manjimup, Shire of

Any further information about this vacancy:

Manjimup Family Centre (MFC) is a community organisation supporting families and individuals to realise their full potential. IOur services reach from playgroups and a toy and resource library to self development and social groups, venue hire and more. Our next AGM is on 29 August from noon to 2pm and we would welcome new people to join our board. Vacancies exist both in the executive and general board membership, and this is a great opportunity, especially for young people, to gain experience in the governance of a community organistation and the community development work we undertake.

Our centre next year will celebrate its 40 anniversary, hopefully with 40 events happening every week during school terms, so excitement is guaranteed. Further learning opportunities will emerge from a $250K building project and the implementation of a ground breaking client management system MFC is piloting for the entire community sector in Western Australia.

Our board induction process includes comprehensive information on the organisation, statuary governance requirements, policy and risk management documents and a contitution compliant with the WA Associations Incorporation Act 2015.

Numerous former board members have gone on to form outstanding careers, both in community and business related roles. Do not miss your opportunity to join their ranks.

Role: Chair, General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Advocacy, Business, Change Management, Community Specialist, Research & Development
Targeting: Females, Youth/Students, People with Disabilities, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, English as an additional language or dialect, LGBTQI

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