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Tenants Victoria


Annual Budget: more than $1,500,000
Number of Paid Staff: 21 - 50
Number of Volunteers: 5 or fewer
Community Segment: Legal Services, Community & Economic Development

Current Board Size: 8-12
Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly
Board Meetings Held: At Night
State where Board Meetings Held: Victoria
Local Government Area: Alpine Shire Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

Tenants Victoria aims to inform and educate tenants about their rights, improve conditions for tenants, improve the status of tenants and represent the collective interests of tenants in law and policy making.


Our in house legal team provides free and confidential advice, assistance and advocacy for tenants and residents in rental residential accommodation in Victoria, including:

  • tenants in private residential accommodation
  • tenants in public housing
  • residents in caravan parks
  • residents and tenants in rooming houses. 

Tenants Victoria also seeks to achieve lasting social change to the benefit of tenants and residents throughout Victoria. Our policy, liaison, research, project and publications activities enable us to raise issues with governments to effect legislative, policy and procedural change to improve conditions for tenants and residents.

Read more about our Tenants Victoria at - http://www.tuv.org.au/about/

Our Challenge

With ever increasing demands on the public purse, Tenants Victoria is not immune to the prospect of decreasing funding from governments. The Board has developed an income diversification strategy and implementing this strategy is one of our major goals for 2018. The funds generated will support our charitable works and reduce our reliance on Government.

The New Directors We Seek

Not only will you have a belief in social equity and the importance of a stable home for the education and development of the next generation, but you will have the business experience and commercial acumen to help implement our self-reliance strategy.

Experience in financial management or accounting will be well regarded along with experience in one or more of the following fields:

  • Information Technology, Data Mining, Communications
  • Public Relations, Brand Development, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Fund Raising for Social Enterprises.

Completion of the AICD’s Graduate Diploma course will be viewed favourably.

This is your opportunity to stand out and show leadership in an organisation that is well regarded by government and society more broadly.

If you would like further details or information about the role, please contact

Kate Dempsey (Chairperson) 0411 447 714

Role: General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, Fundraising, Information & Communication Technology
Targeting: Not supplied

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