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Huntington's WA (Inc)


Annual Budget: $250,001-$750,000
Number of Paid Staff: 4 - 10
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Community Segment: Human Services

Current Board Size: 8-12
Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly
Board Meetings Held: At Night
State where Board Meetings Held: Western Australia
Local Government Area: Subiaco, City of

Any further information about this vacancy:

Huntington’s WA is the leading community services organisation dedicated to providing support and advocacy for Western Australian families effected by Huntington’s Disease. Founded in 1974, our mission is “to enable the best possible health and wellbeing for Western Australians impacted by Huntington’s Disease”.

Today Huntington’s WA has a strong track record of support and advocacy made possible by the commitment and expertise of people who share our purpose, values and vision for the future.

As a partner to the executive director (ED) and other board members, the Board Chair will provide strategic leadership and governance to Huntington’s WA and will support and sustain the work of the organisation into the future.

Role: Chair
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Advocacy, Business, Community Specialist, Consulting, Strategy & Development, Marketing & Communications
Targeting: Not supplied
Payment: Nil - honorary role

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