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Put Them First


Annual Budget: up to $10,000
Number of Paid Staff: 0
Number of Volunteers: 5 or fewer
Community Segment: Human Services

Current Board Size: 3 or fewer
Board Meetings (frequency): Fortnightly (or more often)
Board Meetings Held: At Night
State where Board Meetings Held: Queensland
Local Government Area: Logan City Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

We are ready to appoint a number of new board members, and specifically, a new secretary to the board of Put Them First. You do not need to have previous experience or knowledge of this role, but any experience or knowledge you do have will be very much appreciated. We need you to be enthusiastic about our goals and driven to succeed as a member of the team. You will need to attend, either in person or over the phone, fortnightly board meetings and be able to give 2-3 hours a week of your time. If you are looking to give back to the community in an ongoing role, we would love to hear from you.

Role: Secretary, General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Advertising, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Consulting, Strategy & Development, Fundraising, Marketing & Communications
Targeting: Not supplied
Payment: Nil - honorary role

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