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Live & Learn Environmental Education Society Inc


Annual Budget: Not supplied
Number of Paid Staff: 4 - 10
Number of Volunteers: 5 or fewer
Community Segment: Community & Economic Development, Environment, Education, Health

Current Board Size: 4-7
Board Meetings (frequency): Quarterly
Board Meetings Held: During Day
State where Board Meetings Held: Victoria
Local Government Area: Melbourne City Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

Live & Learn is a dynamic learning network of locally registered organisations operating in 11
countries across the Pacific and South East Asia. Live & Learn International Office is located in
Melbourne and provides strategic and technical support to the Live & Learn network, and ensures effectiveness and transparency as per the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct.

Live & Learn country offices are locally registered as NGOs in their respective countries. They are locally managed and staffed and have partnerships with government agencies in their respective countries of operation. Building local capacity, confidence, skills and partnerships within our networks, is fundamental to Live & Learn. This strengthens our relationships with communities, builds local ownership and ensures long-term commitment to our programs. Live & Learn shares knowledge across its network. We believe change takes time and an inclusive approach to capacity building is key to achieving lasting change. Our experience has shown that only by fostering and building local leadership and ownership, within and outside an organisation, can change occur and be sustained.

Live & Learn’s International Office provides support to in-country Live & Learn offices (and partners) in the areas of: (i) capacity building and up skilling, (ii) technical advice and quality assurance, (iii) knowledge sharing and learning, (iv) financial monitoring and auditing, (v) resource development and (vi) testing, monitoring and evaluation. In addition, Live & Learn’s International Office provides support to local offices in upholding the organisation’s Good Practice Manual, which outlines key operational policies and processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability.

Live & Learn is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, which is a voluntary, self regulatory sector code of good practice. The Code of Conduct defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability for non-government development organisations. Adherence to the Code is monitored by an independent Code of Conduct Committee elected from ACFID’s membership. Live & Learn’s voluntary adherence to the Code of Conduct demonstrates our commitment to ethical practice and public accountability.

Live & Learn programs in the Pacific are financially supported by the European Union (EU), Australian Aid, New Zealand Aid, Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB) and various United Nations agencies. No funding request for activities for this Program has been submitted to other donors. Live & Learn has never been in any legal dispute with donors, the government and/or our beneficiaries.

About the position:
Live & Learn Environmental Education is currently seeking an additional Board member in particular with expertise and experience in the field of legal and governance issues.
The main duties of the position are to provide legal and governance advice to Live and Learn and provide legal advice to support the organisation.
Furthermore, the main responsibilities of the Legal and Governance focal point are as follow;
• Provide strategic direction and assist in governance.
• Provide legal advice to support the organisation.
• Approve the recommendation of the Executive Director where appropriate
• Identify and promote compliance with relevant laws, regulations and standards applying to the activities of the Live & Learn.
• Ensure that the organisation delivers on its strategic and operational plans.
• Approve and monitor the funding submissions, and
• Making decisions where changes to Live and Learn existing policy position are proposed to
be changed.

To express interest or to seek more information, please contact Christian Nielsen, Executive Director, at christian.nielsen@livelearn.org or phone (03) 96501291

Role: Legal & Governance
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Ethics, Law & Legal Services, Public Policy
Targeting: Not supplied
Payment: Nil - honorary role

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