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2019 FoCD

Cultural Diversity Week

This week we celebrate Cultural Diversity in the Australian community sector while calling all organisations to reflect on whether their organisation's leadership best reflects Australia's multicultural society.

The diversity of the Australian population has been shaped by a unique history of our indigenous and colonial past, along with extensive immigration from a range of countries and cultures.

More than 75% of Australians identify with an ancestor other than Australian, with almost half of the population reporting having at least one parent who was born overseas.

This means that the Australia we all know and love today has been built thanks to contributions from a range of very different cultures, customs and languages.

This week we highlight the advantages of this diversity, that go above and beyond the many amazing tastes, smells and sounds on our streets.

The diversity of the Australian population gives us a unique perspective on a range of important matters.

Celebrating our cultural diversity is not just about achieving inclusiveness, although this is an important part.

It is also about harnessing our cultural diversity so we can achieve the best possible outcomes in our society.

This week we encourage all people to experience the many different cultures of our friends, colleagues and neighbours, while discussing how we can help each other to improve our communities.

The Festival of Community Directors' multicultural celebration runs in conjunction with similar state-based harmony celebrations in Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Be sure to check out the many ways you can get involved in celebrating the cultural diversity of Australian society.

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