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2019 FoCD

Secretaries Week

This week, the Festival of Community Directors celebrates the role of the secretary.

Many secretaries in the Not-for-Profit sector go undervalued, and because of this, many secretaries report a severe lack of training and education to help them excel at their role.

At ICDA, we understand this, and through the Festival of Community Directors, we're trying to fix it.

The Taking Minutes webinar on Wednesday is a one-hour training course designed to help secretaries become experts at taking minutes. It's the perfect course for any secretary about to enter AGM-season. It's just $65, and if you can't make the session, a recording will be sent to your registered email after it's finished.

Check the list below for other resources and books for secretaries.

And to all secretaries - we appreciate you.

What's on?


Release of 2019's third edition of Community Directors Intelligence. Available only to ICDA members.


At the Taking Minutes web-session you will learn everything you need to know to become an expert at taking minutes.


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