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Specialised Banking Solutions for Not-for-Profit Organisations

For not-for-profit organisations, every cent counts. It's vital to choose your banking partner carefully. You need a bank that understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by your organisation and your sector.

Backed by a national team of specialist not-for-profit bankers, CommBank has the experience and expertise you need. It also has the tools you need to manage and understand your finances better, and at a cost your group can afford:

  • Reduce administration and stay in control with CommBank's day-to-day to banking solutions and special benefits, including zero monthly service fee and flexible card options.
  • Gain real time control of cash flow through CommBank's leading online platform, CommBiz. Not-for-profits receive 300 free transactions a month and access to analytics such as Cash Flow Tracker.
  • Get funds into your organisation faster using CommBank's market leading technology, providing your clients, donors and members with flexible and streamlined options to pay and donate.

More details are provided below.

To speak to a CommBank team member, call 1300 138 542 or email notforprofitsectorbanking@cba.com.au.

► Reduce administration and stay in control

With reduced fees and no fee account options, CommBank's day-to-day banking solutions help make funds go further. Together with an extensive branch and ATM network and leading online banking platform, CommBiz, your organisation is never far from its cash, its local branch and its banker.

Society Cheque Account

The Society Cheque Account was the first ever account introduced specifically for Australian not-for-profits, back in 1912. You can manage everyday banking transactions online, in branch or over the phone.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

Multiple Debit Mastercards can be attached to the Society Cheque Account.

Providing greater access to your business funds.

A second Society Cheque Account can be established to isolate petty cash from your organisation's main account (with the same fee reductions as your main Society Cheque Account).

Isolating petty cash in a separate account, means you can limit
access to the all-important main working cash account, providing great
internal controls.

*Fees may apply at non-Commonwealth bank ATMs here and all ATMs overseas, EFTPOS transactions overseas, transfer group payments to third parties, international money transfers, CommBiz and Netbank transaction fees and separate services such as bank cheques, periodic payments and transfers/deposits to other banks. Wholesale relationship managed customers may be notified at any time that their account is subject transaction fees on electronic transactions and Commonwealth ATM cash withdrawals.

Credit Cards

Manage procurement and organisational expenses with a multi-card facility. Includes effective card controls to keep track of expenditure, with no maximum credit limit and the option to add an unlimited number of cards.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

Channel your organisation's expenses through a single facility.

Get an overview of all expenses, enabling you to see and control
where and how funds are spent.

Establishment fee and annual card fees waived.

Set customised limits for individual card holders.

Allocate limits according to how much money each cardholder needs to

Provide multiple cards to your team (no maximum number).

No team member has to spend their own money on cause-related expenses and claim it back.

Manage reconciliation with integration via CommBiz into your accounting system.

Reduce administration, allowing your team to focus on more mission-critical activity.

Prepaid Reloadable Credit Card

Optimise your procurement processes and eliminate the need for petty cash. The Corporate Prepaid Reloadable Card keeps your organisation in control of expenses and reduces the potential for fraud from handling cash and petty cash reimbursements.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

Enhanced expense management for your organisation.

Control expenses by funding and distributing cards only as needed.

Discounted establishment fee.

Eliminates the need for petty cash.

Reduce costs associated with back office handling of petty cash and lessen the chance of fraud.

Fund cards only as needed.

Cards have no value until funds are added, so you can securely stock cards until needed*.

Manage cards through a dedicated online portal.

Increase efficiency and transparency with a streamlined ordering, reporting and expense management system.

* Note: cards have an expiry date.

Growing funds

Make cash reserves go further for your cause, with our special Business Online Saver offer.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

An at-call savings account with the ability to transfer funds quickly and easily in and out of your organisation's main transaction account.

Make surplus cash work harder without having to lock it away.

No account-keeping fees.

The money you save on banking fees can be put towards something important - like your cause.

Earn competitive interest for balances over $10,000.

Even if funds are only in the Business Online Saver overnight, you'll still earn valuable interest.

► Real time control of cash flow

CommBank's leading online platform CommBiz means you can securely access and control finances online, with free access to analytics and insights and real time control of cash flow.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

Multi-location online banking access plus the ability to segregate duties and set individual permissions.

Enjoy the convenience of two people approving payment files from separate locations.
Flexibility of different people creating files to those who approve them, while maintaining control over what staff can see and do.

Two free security tokens for CommBiz.

300 free transactions a month.

Free analytics and insights.

Real time control of cash flow and access to reconciliation reports for your accounting software.

Be in control of cash flow and save time on manually keying information.

Free access to analytical tools such as Cash Flow Tracker and Merchant Insights.

Spot emerging issues with cash flow and expenses.
Increase your knowledge about customers, donors or members through
insights into their payments and spending habits.

Securely manage funds via iPhone or iPad with CommBiz Mobile.

Be in control of finances anytime, anywhere.

Insights into your business and customers with our Daily IQ app.

Obtain in-depth information to drive informed decision making.

► Get funds into your organisation faster

Getting funds into your organisation quickly and reliability is critical to your cause. CommBank's payment solutions make it easy for people and organisations to pay you, track and reconcile payments and then generate compliant reports. All CommBank payment solutions can be integrated into the online banking solution, CommBiz, helping to save time and achieve greater efficiencies.


CommBank's easy to use web based 'shop front' allows you to take card payments online, in the office or out and about.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

BPOINT payment page can be personalised with your organisation's logo

Provides a seamless customer or donor experience interface from your website.

Payments are taken within a secure online CommBank hosted environment.

Peace of mind that your customers, members or supporters' card details are safe.

Access to dedicated telephone support in setting up and using BPOINT.

Get help quickly for technical questions.


Albert redefines how payments are collected. This fully portable EFTPOS tablet supports customer-built apps, as well as our pre-designed apps, to help your organisation collect donations for its fundraising events, or collect payments while you're out and about. Albert improves donor/payer experience and provides same-day access to payments and donations 365 days a year. You can download free apps for Albert from AppBank or alternatively your organisation can create its own.


Customer Benefits

Special Not-for-Profit Offer

Simple mobile payment process by card swipe, Chip, PIN and contactless payments.

Make it easy for customers to donate money at your fundraising events.

Reduced transaction fees.
First 3 months free rental.

Charity App - provides safe and secure online collection of donations anytime, anywhere.

Reduce opportunities for fraud by removing cash handling.
Donations from fundraising are made direct to your organisation's bank account, providing immediate access to funds.

Issue tax-compliant receipts for charities with DGR status when using the Charity App.

Convenience of on the spot email or printed receipts for your customers.

Important information: *Everyday Settlement available on transactions made before 10pm AEST for customers with a Commonwealth Bank business transaction account and a linked Commonwealth Bank merchant facility. Third party products not included.

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