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Whistleblowing at Your Not-for-profit: A leader's guide

Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in managing risk and cultivating an ethical culture in your not-for-profit organisation. It is an essential and effective tool in your good governance toolkit.

Organisations can maximise the benefits of disclosures by whistleblowers by maintaining a whistleblowing program built on robust policies and procedures. These require consistent processes, documentation, training and regular reviews.

This publication demonstrates how your organisation can establish and maintain such a program. It explores whistleblowing laws, proactive leadership, organisational culture, policies, procedures, reporting pathways, communication and training.

It includes templates for the cornerstones of your whistleblowing program: a policy template and a procedures template. It also includes a checklist to enable you to assess the health of your whistleblowing program.

Whistleblowing for Not-for-profits: A leader's guide

Topics covered in this free publication include:

  • Evaluation principles
  • Evaluation frameworks
  • What element of the project are we evaluating, exactly?
  • Process evaluation
  • Output evaluation
  • Outcome evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Gathering the data
  • Dealing with complexities
  • The evaluation cycle
  • Sample evaluation reports

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