Policy Bank

These policies are free for any not-for-profit organisation to download and use, so long as it is for a non-commercial purpose and that the organisation is not paying a consultant to carry out this work. Click here for our full copyright guidelines.

Important notes

  • You can't (or shouldn't) rely on these sample policies and procedures alone. They are a starting point, but you will have to adapt them.
  • Most samples include both policies and procedures (the policies provide guidance on standards, while procedures give instructions on implementing standards). We recommend adopting policies at a board level, while procedures are developed/signed off by the organisation's CEO.
  • We use the term 'board' to cover boards, committees of management, or any body that has final authority in your organisation. And, the term 'CEO' extends to executive directors, or your chief administrator.

Adding to the Policy Bank

If you have some great policies that your organisation thinks would be of use to other groups, email them to [email protected]. We'll review them, amend them so that they're applicable to the most number of not-for-profits possible, push them into our format, and load them up.

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