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ICDA is the best-practice governance network for the directors serving on Australia’s 600,000 not-for-profit boards, committees and councils, and the senior staff who support them. ICDA members get access to a range of educational, capacity building and networking opportunities that build knowledge, connections and credentials.

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Some associations charge hundreds of dollars just to raise a tax receipt. ICDA is the least expensive governance network of its type. No other membership organisation offers you access to this calibre of services and professional development, and all for free!

Why is membership free?

ICDA provides over $1 million annually towards upskilling the community sector, leading to better governance on community boards, and ensuring the standards set by the ACNC are promoted as best practice. In addition, Community Directors Intelligence, ICDA’s free newsletter, promotes best-practice governance by providing ongoing free educational resources for people who give their time and wisdom to the community sector.

The Federal Government has flagged its desire to see the number of Australians volunteering increase. At ICDA, we believe our commitment to democratising knowledge in the sector, by providing membership and many of our services free of charge, will make a significant contribution to that outcome.

Why join?

1. Completely free
ICDA membership is completely free, which means you get all the benefits outlined above and so much more, without having to reach into your pockets.

2. Recognition
Members will be provided with downloadable image assets and a membership certificate to allow them to signal their involvement in this professional body on digital platforms. Members may also use the post-nominal MICDA and download a membership certificate to signal their involvement in this professional body. Further post-nominals are available to members who go on to complete our Diploma of Governance. Further information about post-nominals is available in the Diploma of Governance FAQ.

3. Member pricing for professional training and development
Members receive discounts for ICDA webinars, online interactives, and other professional development opportunities run by ICDA.

4. Access news, information and thought leadership
Boost members’ confidence (and competence) as not-for-profit leaders through a range of exclusive webinars which are available to only ICDA members.

5. Policy Bank update alerts
Members have access to more than 70 templated policies which are regularly reviewed by our legal partners, Maddocks. Members receive exclusive notifications when legal changes are made to major governance, human resources, financial management, values and communications policies in the Policy Bank, or when a new policy is added.

6. Access to networking and career development
Members get access to a range of networking opportunities, where they meet with community sector peers and are kept abreast of updates from the ICDA team. There are also invited to events, like the Communities in Control Conference, throughout the year, which will include tailored ICDA Member Experiences.

7. Have ‘responsible person’ status

ICDA members agree to be bound by our Community Directors Code of Ethics and Conduct and the ACNC Governance Standards (see Governance Standard 4 for responsible person requirements). In doing so, members are recognised by the ATO as responsible persons, for the duration of their membership, meeting the criteria as members of a professional body which has a professional code of ethics and rules of conduct.

What people say...

“Thank you for yesterday’s forum. It was the best fun, most practical and productive networking I have attended in years.”
“It is very comforting to be connected to real subject matter experts.”
“Thank you for your assistance. Your support and information has allowed me to take emotion out of the equation and think clearly about this governance issue.”

Please note:

All members of the Institute of Community Directors Australia agree to abide by the Institute's code of ethics and conduct.

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