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Gellibrand Support Services


Annual Budget: more than $1,500,000
Number of Paid Staff: more than 100
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Community Segment: Human Services, Health

Current Board Size: 4-7
Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly
Board Meetings Held: At Night
State where Board Meetings Held: Victoria
Local Government Area: Brimbank City Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

Gellibrand Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation that supports adults with disabilities in Melbourne's West and North West Regions with it's main office in Sunshine, Victoria.

Gellibrand Support Services aims to provide an environment in which:

  • Learning and care for others is valued, respected and possible
  • Security and comfort are available
  • Individuals are motivated and inspired
  • Personal goals are explored, identified and met where possible
  • Communication is open, honest and respectful
  • Interactions are empowering
  • Choice is encouraged and respected
  • Rights and responsibilities are promoted

The majority of meetings will be held in the main office, every third Thursday of each month.

Role: General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Advocacy, Consulting, Strategy & Development, Marketing & Communications
Targeting: Not supplied

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