Colour your boardroom decisions with more LGBTIQ+ awareness

Posted on 13 Sep 2023

By Matthew Schulz, journalist, Institute of Community Directors Australia

Diversity LGBTQI

One of Australia’s top LGBTIQ+ thinkers and advocates has told an ICDA webinar there’s much more that NFP leaders can do to create “culturally inclusive spaces” and attract the diverse talent that’s waiting to be tapped.

Strategic communications specialist Nevena Spirovska told webinar participants that only a tiny fraction of the country’s top boards have open LGBTIQ+ representation, and there are great reasons to lift that number.

“We're now sitting with about 20 years of global research that has shown conclusively that broader board diversity yields better decisions, decreases risks and increases value for both our organisations and our boards.”

Nevena Spirovska
Strategic communications specialist Nevena Spirovska.

She said one of the biggest dangers for boards was “groupthink”, where boards were too homogenous and failed to properly reflect the diversity of their clients, workers and communities.

“The ability for us to disagree and deliberate constructively is critical to so much of the work that we do as board directors”.

A recording of the webinar is available now for just $88 for ICDA members, or $110 for non-members (membership is free).

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