Need support? Here's how to take your pitch from mediocre to memorable

Posted on 15 Oct 2018

By Matthew Schulz, journalist, Our Community

A convincing pitch is a powerful tool you can use to unlock opportunities, form relationships with investors or volunteers, attract funding, and inspire new audiences.

The mission of The Funding Network (TFN) is to enable grassroots not-for-profits to access the capital, skills, connections and resources they need to thrive. Over the past five years, TFN has run pitch coaching workshops for hundreds of social entrepreneurs and they've gone on to generate millions of dollars as a result.

TFN understands that charities find it increasingly difficult to engage supporters year after year, yet they desperately need funding and resources. It's therefore important for their directors and board members to have the skills and confidence they need to tell the story of their organisation.

The Funding Network helps organisations pitch their idea to people who can help fund their cause.

Here are TFN's five top tips on perfecting your pitch, because no matter what sector you're working in, your organisation's future could depend on the quality of your elevator spiel.

Know your story

It's important to speak from your own experience, sharing your passion about why you love what you do, and why it's so important.

Know your who

No story is static. It varies depending on who you're talking to, where you are, and the essential points you wish to convey. Tweak it accordingly.

Know your why

Knowing and clearly articulating the "why" of your organisation can be challenging, but it's incredibly important. Knowing what sets you apart is crucial to getting to the crux of why you exist, and why people should get behind you.

Define the response you want

Ask yourself, "What would I like the audience to notice?" and "What do I want people to feel when they are listening to me?", and work backwards from there.

Map out your pitch

Plan what you're going to say and how you're going to say it. Always start with a powerful opening to grab the audience's attention and draw them in.

How can I talk more confidently about my not-for-profit?

TFN's pitch coaching workshops are now available to not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises. These workshops teach leaders, boards and teams to clearly articulate their unique value proposition and their impact on the community. This will help enable you to meaningfully engage new audiences, deepen community engagement and secure critical funding.

The events are aimed at board members, as well as CEOs and fundraising officers.

Contact TFN to learn more: email [email protected]

"TFN's pitch coaching has had an immense impact across all our communications. I have no doubt the tips on clarifying and delivering a succinct, focused narrative have directly contributed to our capacity to obtain additional funding."
Manjeri founding director and TFN pitch coaching participant, Nick Harrington

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