Effective inductions

Before you even start recruiting, make sure you've done the following to prepare a good induction.

  • Involved all board members (and staff, where appropriate) in the induction of new members
  • Acted quickly to start the induction process, without overloading the new member with too much information
  • Allocated each new member a "mentor" to help guide them in their first few months on the board
  • Given the new member a board manual and invited them to ask questions
  • Introduced the new member to other members of the board and senior staff
  • Organised a social function to allow the new board to meet informally
  • Drawn the new members' attention to their roles and responsibilities and answered any queries they may have
  • Reinforced expectations of standards/code of conduct/Board Charter
  • Briefed the new member about what issues the board is dealing with now and will be looking at in coming months
  • Provided a contact list for members of the board and senior management
  • Provided a Board Calendar
  • Provided a list of key stakeholders
  • Provided and explained administration and technology
  • Provided acronyms/language
  • Asked what additional information, if any, the new board member requires
  • Asked if any training may be required
  • Taken the new board member on a tour of your facilities and programs
  • Asked the new board member to comment on their induction process, and used the information to help improve the process for the future

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