Advocacy Week

From 05 - 09 Jul 2021


Advocacy plays an important role in shaping the public narrative and influencing decisions. To achieve success you need a solid idea of what you’re trying to achieve, and a plan for how you’ll achieve it. For Advocacy Week, ICDA is joined by communications expert Brett de Hoedt, who has been a part of many successful advocacy campaigns, including keeping a proposed Apple superstore out of Melbourne’s Federation Square. What can you learn from Brett about advocating for your cause?

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WEBINAR: Ask Me Anything, with Brett de Hoedt

Brett de Hoedt has lots of experience with advocacy, having run campaigns ranging in scale from neighbourhood to national in both voluntary and professional roles. He knows better than anyone that advocacy can be complicated, but he’s seen it all, and is joining ICDA for a free webinar where he will answer all of your advocacy-related questions.

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