Leadership Week

From 24 - 28 Jun 2024

Leadershipweek 2024

Leadership Week, an initiative of McKinsey & Company and the Institute of Community Directors Australia, is a dedicated week of leadership training designed to support and strengthen the capability of the not-for-profit and community sector.

The aim of this event, held 24–28 June 2024, is to provide leaders in the sector with the tools and training they need to become the best leaders they can be.

The theme for Leadership Week 2024 is Leading organisational change: Harnessing technology and workforce shifts to change the way our organisations deliver impact.

In this era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities, not-for-profits are called upon to respond and adapt swiftly. The landscape is being reshaped by fundamental technological and societal changes, including the rapid advancement of GenAI, the rise in cybersecurity risks, and shifts in ways of working, which are redefining how nonprofits operate.

Leadership Week will bring together leaders across the nonprofit community to discuss the profound shifts facing their organisations and explore approaches that leaders can implement to navigate major change.

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Monday, 24 June 2024, 10am-11.30am AEST

Resetting mindsets and behaviours

This session will provide valuable insights into how leaders can reset mindsets and behaviours to effectively steer their organisations through transformative changes. McKinsey Public and Social Sector Leader Fiona Prowse will explore critical factors essential for managing change through the lens of the Iceberg and Influence models.

About the speaker

Fiona Prowse (Public and Social Sector Leader)

Fiona is a leader in McKinsey’s Public and Social Sector Practice, with a focus on both disability services and First Nations Communities. She brings extensive knowledge across these fields, having joined McKinsey after a long career in the public sector.

Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 10am–12pm AEST

Leveraging generative AI

This session will delve into the accelerated advances in generative AI and their potential to enhance productivity. Participants will learn about the balance of risks and opportunities that these technologies bring to the future of work and practical tools to harness Gen AI for good. This session will be led by Eleanor Brown Social Impact Practice Lead for McKinsey Australia and New Zealand, alongside McKinsey gen AI expert Pratul Awasthi, who works closely with organisations to help them leverage generative AI for transformative outcomes.

About the speakers

Eleanor Brown (Social Impact Practice Lead for Australia and New Zealand)

Eleanor is the Social Impact Practice Lead for McKinsey Australia and New Zealand. She brings deep experience across both the public and social sectors, having supported leaders to deliver major organisational transformations, with a focus on building the strategic clarity and organisational capability required to execute and accelerate.

Pratul Awasthi (Gen AI Expert)

Pratul is a Gen AI expert based in McKinsey’s Perth office. He primarily supports organisations on operational efficiency, across a range of sectors. Pratul has deep knowledge on generative AI and has experience working closely with organisations to help them leverage generative AI for transformative outcomes.

Wednesday, 26 June 2024, 10am-12pm AEST

Managing cybersecurity

With accelerations in technology and the rise in cybersecurity risks, strengthening your organisation's cybersecurity capabilities with strategies to manage vulnerabilities and risks is only becoming more critical. This session will equip leaders with strategies to better support their organisations in maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. This session will be led by McKinsey Cyber Transformation Leader Mayank Gauri and Digital Leader, Will Henderson whose areas of expertise include uplifting organisational performance, developing high-impact leaders, and using technology and analytics to support critical decision making.

About the speakers

Mayank Gauri (Cyber Transformation Leader - Risk, Resilience & Digital Practice, United States)

Mayank is a Cyber Transformation Leader for McKinsey in the United States. He has extensive experience supporting organisations, across both Australia and the United States, on cybersecurity measures and using technology and analytics to support critical decision making.

Will Henderson (Digital Leader)

Will is a Digital Leader in McKinsey’s Melbourne office. He has significant experience supporting clients on large-scale cyber security initiatives and delivery models, particularly across the Security and Advanced Industries domains.

Thursday, 27 June 2024, 10am-11.30am AEST

Talent, growth and development

In order to navigate transformational change, it is important that organisations establish a culture of deliberate development. In this session, McKinsey Public and Social Sector Leader, Erin Ferraris and Social Impact Practice Leader, Kate Lowe, will explore the characteristics of organisations that lead on developing talent and discuss practical tools that leaders can leverage to help their teams stretch and grow.

About the speakers

Erin Ferraris (Public and Social Sector Leader)

Erin is a leader within McKinsey’s Public and Social Sector practice, with a focus on healthcare system effectiveness and leadership development. She has extensive experience across these sectors, having supported organisations on strategic, operational, and organisational challenges.

Kate Lowe (Social Impact Practice Leader)

Kate is a leader in McKinsey’s Social Impact Practice. She has significant experience working with social sector organisations on strategy setting and leadership development.

Friday, 28 June 2024

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