Secretaries Week

From 14 - 18 Sep 2020

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From managing the agenda to recording the minutes to ensuring that all the legal requirements of incorporation are fulfilled, secretaries play a vital role on any board. What’s more, the role is evolving as community expectations of board transparency increase. Despite this, information on how to adapt to meet changing requirements is lacking. In Secretaries Week, ICDA will help to fill the information gap and provide the brilliant secretaries of the Australian not-for-profit sector with the tools they need to perfect their craft.

What's on?


We know secretaries play a vital role on the modern board, particularly in relation to board transparency. As a result, secretaries may find themselves in a difficult position, caught between board members fighting over what should be shared with the wider public, and what should not. What should the relationship between the secretary and the rest of the board look like? Find out at this webinar.


Book Release: Damn Good Advice for Secretaries

Our Community and CommBank team up for the latest edition of the 'Damn Good Advice' series. Check back here on Friday 18 September 2020 for a copy of the FREE guide.

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