Sports Governance Week

From 24 - 28 Aug 2020

Sports web

Sporting events have long been a meeting place for communities in Australia. Board members for sports organisations play an important role in ensuring communities grow strong and remain strong. This week, ICDA provides tips and tools to ensure your sports board is running effectively.

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Sports Governance Scholarships are available for the Diploma of Governance. The number of places are limited and rolling in nature, so please get your application in sooner rather than later. All applications will be assessed within 10 business day from the date of your submission.
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For a sports organisation, the constitution is the equivalent of the Laws of Cricket. How well do you understand your constitution? How long has it been since it was last reviewed? What do you need to do to legally change it? Join us for this webinar to get a better understanding of your constitution and what it means for you.

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