Strategic Planning Week

From 10 - 14 Aug 2020

Strat plan

As the old saying goes, failing to plan means planning to fail. Strategic planning is the process not-for-profit organisations undertake to ensure that they stay mission-focused – and that they have enough money, people-power and stamina to make progress towards their goals. This week, we’ll provide some reminders about the importance of effective planning and some tools to help you tackle the task with minimum fuss.

What's on?


Webinar: Setting an Effective Course for Your Organisation

Just as good yachties can find the wind when all looks lost, a good board can navigate its way through difficult circumstances. The trick is to be alert, adaptable and responsive. In this webinar we investigate how boards are moving from long-term planning to adaptive strategic reviews. We look at how you can keep your organisation’s long-term fundamentals in place while embracing adaptation.

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