Whistleblowing Week

From 08 - 12 Feb 2021

Blowthewhistle week

Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in cultivating an ethical culture in your not-for-profit organisation, and managing whistleblowing is an essential and effective tool in your good governance toolkit. Organisations can maximise the benefits of disclosures by whistleblowers by maintaining a whistleblowing program built on robust policies and procedures. These require well-managed processes, documentation, training and regular reviews. This week, ICDA and Your Call bring you everything you need to know about Whistleblowing at Your Not-for-Profit.

What's on?


WEBINAR: Whistleblowing at Your Not-for-Profit, 1PM-2.30PM AEDT

Discover the crucial role whistleblowing programs play in developing a speak-up culture. This webinar will cover the general framework of whistleblowing programs and provide insights NFP directors can use to add value to their organisation.

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