Ten questions every board director needs to ask about marketing

Marketing is key to the success of your organisation.

When it’s done effectively, marketing makes everything easier – recruiting staff, volunteers and supporters, filling programs, advocating for your cause – and all these elements are key to your reason for being: the fulfilment of your mission. Marketing is a worthwhile investment but one that too few boards make.

These 10 questions will help board directors to level up their marketing game.

To know why you should be asking these questions, download the full document.

1. How well do we really know our audiences?

2. Hey, what’s our brand?

3. Is our website working hard enough for us?

4. Are social media and video worth the bother?

5. Is there value in doing media?

6. Is Google recommending us to the right people at the right time?

7. Should we be investing more in communications staff?

8. Could we be securing speaking opportunities?

9. Could a network of referrers build our business?

10. What’s our crisis communications plan?

About Brett de Hoedt

Brett has worked with 1000+ nonprofits, helping them with their media, marketing and campaigning. He’s also great hogging the limelight as emcee or speaker. More: www.hootville.com

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