Ten questions every board director needs to ask about neurodiversity

Board members play a significant role in creating a truly inclusive organisation.

If you are serious about supporting neurodivergent employees and attracting neurodivergent board members, start by addressing the structures and frameworks that limit inclusion, and then move on to creating and executing your inclusivity strategies.

These 10 questions will help your board understand which strategies you need to make your board more inclusive.

To know why you should be asking these questions, download the full document.

1. What is neurodiversity?

2. What does "neurodivergent" mean and how are people affected?

3. Do our policies and procedures support neurodivergent people who wish to contribute to the board and the organisation?

4. What is a workplace adjustment arrangement? How does this differ from a flexible work arrangement?

5. Does the composition of our board reflect the community we serve?

6. Is diversity - including neurodiversity - a governance issue for our board?

7. Are our board meetings conducted in an inclusive way?

8. What can we do to educate our managers about neurodiversity?

9. What kind of training would work for our board?

10. How can we improve our recruitment process?

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