Ten questions every board director needs to ask about measuring outcomes

Board directors are generally excellent when it comes to monitoring and evaluating the financial performance of the organisation. But often less so when it comes to monitoring and evaluating the social impact of their organisations.

Not-for-profits exist to provide social benefit to the community, their status is afforded based on this premise, however often their performance in providing that good can be patchy. And it starts with the top – with the board.

If the board is not asking the right questions and facilitating the measurement and reporting of social outcomes – then who will?

These 10 questions will help board directors to consider their responsibilities in relation to measuring outcomes at their organisation.

To know why you should be asking these questions, download the full document.

1. Is the organisation measuring outcomes?

2. What exactly are we measuring?

3. Why did we choose those things to measure?

4. How do we measure and evaluate?

5. Are we making a difference?

6. What are we learning about the organisation’s work?

7. Is the organisation’s work having any unintended outcomes, positive or negative? How are these tracked?

8. What can be done to improve the organisation’s outcomes measurement?

9. Are we complying with regulations and laws related to data? Are there any risks?

10. Can you explain that again in simple terms?


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