Letter of Engagement


The Offer

Great news! Your selection processes have finally led you to a choice, now there are a whole new set of boxes that have to be ticked before the new employee can start work.

Opt for a phone offer, if possible. Contact your preferred candidate by phone and extend an offer of employment. Phone offers are more personal than email offers and can help you better communicate your enthusiasm for a candidate.

Follow up with an enthusiastic offer letter. Aim for a warm tone and include all relevant benefit details and contact information, so you can easily address any remaining questions.

There may also still be legal requirements to be fulfilled, does the job require a police check, does the candidate need to provide details of citizenship, work visa or qualifications or licenses.

There are tax formalities; you'll need their Tax File Number, and you'll need to enter them into your payroll system. They'll need to nominate a bank account for their salary to be paid into. You should also ask for a completed tax file number declaration form and a superannuation standard choice form.

Your letter of offer should also include a copy of the government's Fair Work information statement.

After all this is taken care of, you can set a date for them to turn up and begin the on-the-job induction process.

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