Planning & Conducting an Interview


The Interview

So now, hopefully, you have a truly short list - these are the candidates you will meet face-to-face.

You should commence each interview with an overview of the structure of the interview and of your organisation and what is required in the position. Work your way through your questions and ensure you provide the candidate with the opportunity to clarify or ask any questions they might have of the selection panel.

At the end of each interview the panel should discuss and independently rank each candidate. Apply your agreed weightings to the various qualities and criteria you're working with, and make sure each panel member generates a numerical score. Use the selection matrix template to assist with scoring.

There are alternative or additional ways to evaluate candidates, although they tend to involve more up-front work than interviews. Can you ask the candidate to sit an aptitude test? Or a skills test in which they can demonstrate their capabilities in a task related to the job they'll be doing - write a newsletter article or an advertisement, check a spreadsheet, debug a program?

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