The VaxPack

There's one thing on everyone's mind at the moment: vaccinations.

With vaccine mandates in place across Australia - it is important the community sector has the knowledge and tools to manage the return to the workplace in the living-with-COVID world.

Below you can find the resources we have released to help the sector tackle vaccinations and vaccination mandates.

Agony Uncle: Where to start with vaccinations

In this help sheet, Our Community's resident agony uncle, Chris Borthwick, offers his answer to the following question:

Dear Agony Uncle,

Our organisation is going around in circles trying to understand the rules that apply to vaccinations in the workplace. We employ 20 staff in two states, and we have around 10 long-serving volunteers on our books, although none of the volunteers have been engaged since lockdowns began. All our staff are currently working from home. Anecdotally, we think that most but not all of them have had two jabs (we haven’t conducted a survey). And again anecdotally, we think that a few don’t intend being vaccinated, either because they don’t believe in it or for medical reasons. Where do we start?

Borthwick Chris

Vaccination Policy sample

Some dangerous epidemic or endemic diseases can be prevented, in whole or in part, by appropriate vaccinations. In such circumstances, communities and, by extension, employers have a duty to at-risk populations.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the strategies and actions that your organisation intends to take to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases through the use of vaccinations.

Download a copy of this sample and edit it to meet your organisation's needs.

Epidemic and Pandemic Policy sample

The Epidemic and Pandemic Policy sample, which was published in April last year to meet the needs of organisations at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, has been updated to include vaccination provisions.

Download a copy of this sample and edit it to meet your organisation's needs.

Epi and Pan

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