What’s the right procedure if positions on our committee are not contested?

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In this help sheet series, Our Community’s resident agony uncle, Chris Borthwick, offers answers to frequently asked questions about issues not-for-profits are facing.

Dear Agony Uncle,

Our club is coming up to its AGM. If there are no contested positions (that is, there is one nominee for one position), is it necessary to vote on each of these uncontested positions or should the president simply read the positions and nominee names and welcome them to the committee?

Agony Uncle's answer

Two answers, at different levels of generality:

1) The latter.

2) In general, work from the principle “Nobody cares”. Committees are given considerable latitude to handle any process not mandated in the constitution, and if you just settle on a convenient procedure, nobody is going to second-guess you.

Best wishes,
Agony Uncle.

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