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Victorian Cemetery Trusts Governance & Operational Training

Class B program

The Victorian Cemetery Trusts Governance and Operational Training Program is designed to help cemetery trusts enhance their governance practices through a program tailored specifically to their needs.

The program provides an introduction into the knowledge and skills you'll need to survive and thrive as a cemetery trust member. It will help you to:


Workshops have been designed specifically for Class B cemetery trust members. They will take place over two consecutive days at various locations throughout Victoria.

The majority of sessions will run from 10am - 3:30pm (with the exception of Shepparton - see below for details).

There is no cost to attend, and catering will be provided at all sessions.

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About the program:

The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a governance and operational training program, to be delivered by Our Community's Institute of Community Director's Australia, in alliance with Federation Training.

The program has been designed specifically for cemetery trusts, and provides a unique opportunity for trust members to learn more about their roles and responsibilities.

The program will cover a wide range of topics, such as strategy and planning, risk management, financial governance, legislative frameworks, stakeholder relations and more.

The training is designed to be highly practical, providing participants with the necessary skills and tools to survive and thrive as a trust member.

A full list of scheduled training events is available on our registration page.

If none of the pre-scheduled training events is suitable for your trust, we may be able to arrange a workshop especially for you, provided that your trust can guarantee attendance of at least eight people (two or more trusts may get together to arrange this). Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Shepparton Session:

A pilot program, consisting of two separate self-contained sessions, rather than one two-day session, will be held in Shepparton.

A three-hour "taster" evening seminar will cover "the 10 steps to becoming a safe, effective cemetery trust member". This seminar session will run from 6pm-9m on September 13.

A full-day workshop, a slightly condensed version of the regular two-day program, will be held from 9am-5pm on September 14.

These are stand-alone sessions that can be attended separately (you are not required to attend both sessions).

While you are welcome to attend both sessions, please note that each session requires separate registration.

Contact details:

Email: learn@ourcommunity.com.au

Telephone: 1300 137 475

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