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Who this course is for

The Diploma of Business (Governance) - BSB50715 - is Australia's premier diploma-level governance qualification.

It's designed specifically for Australian not-for-profit board/committee members, and the CEOs, managers and senior staff who work alongside them.

Both prospective and current members of boards are eligible for enrolment, though some deep knowledge of a not-for-profit organisation is highly desirable.

This course is highly recommended for those individuals seeking to develop their skills around leading, monitoring and guiding the activities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, as well as enhancing their understanding of legal and financial obligations to the wider community and funding bodies.

To be accepted for enrolment into this course, you must also:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have time to read, prepare and reflect on fundamental governance principles
  • Have the ability to attend and actively participate in a total of five days of training (three consecutive days + two consecutive days approximately one month later)
  • Commit to completing all competency based assessment within twelve months of face-to-face training (you must complete one unit assessment per month)
  • Commit to transferring the knowledge gained to the organisation once the course is completed

With greater recognition for your qualifications, graduates will enjoy enhanced employment opportunities, access to higher-level governance roles and pathways to further study nationally and overseas.

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