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The course comprises two face-to-face learning blocks (three days and then two days), separated by a one-month recess, during which time we expect students will begin to complete their assessments.

Students are required to complete a competency-based assessment for each of the 12 units included in this course. The aim of these competency-based assessments is to ensure that you have not only absorbed the content but are also able to implement actions. Where possible, we will ask you to think about how assessment tasks could be implemented in your own organisation.

Assessment tasks include written responses, observation of student participation during face-to-face learning and gathering information together in a portfolio.

Students are required to complete one assessment per month, which means that all assessments will be completed within 12 months of commencing the course. At least one assessment must be completed during the recess between face-to-face learning blocks.

During the time you are completing your assessments, you will have the support of your tutor and assessor and will lodge your work through an easy-to-use, purpose-built Student Portal.

You can expect the Institute of Community Directors Australia staff and tutors will support and guide you through each stage of learning. In return, we expect you to apply yourself and to take advantage of the resources and information made available.

"The Institute of Community Directors Australia's Diploma of Business (Governance) brought together participants from a variety of careers and experience, making the classroom discussions highly personal. The course materials were very comprehensive and expertly used by our facilitator. The assessment tasks provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my experiences as a director and as an executive who has worked in both not-for-profit and corporate roles."

Trent M
Executive-in-Residence, St James Ethics Centre (NSW)
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