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Learning tools

Diploma of Management (Governance) materials

To ensure your learning is both deep and sustained, each course participant will be equipped with a range of tools and materials, including:


Each person enrolled in the Diploma of Business (Governance) - BSB50715 - receives, as part of their fees, an iPad, which is pre-loaded with reading and course materials.

At the conclusion of the course, the iPad will serve as a window to the Institute of Community Directors Australia's online resources - it's yours to keep and utilise for meetings and support.

Students may choose to enrol without receiving an iPad (a recommended learning tool for this course) and instead bring their own device to class. (In this case, students will receive a $300 reduction in their fees.)

Hard copy course materials

We're serious about sustainability. We won't provide hard copies of course materials (course notes, slides, assessment questions etc.) All of this material will be pre-loaded on your iPad. If you elect to bring your own device, you will be able to access and download digital copies of required documents.

Online study tools

Students will have access to an easy-to-use, purpose-built Student Portal where they can draft and lodge assessments, contact their tutor and explore rich content relating to their studies.

Students will gain access to the Institute of Community Directors online Forum, where they can engage with fellow students and the broader ICDA membership, to explore the governance matters that are important to themselves.

Institute of Community Directors Australia website access

Students receive 18-month access to the Institute of Community Directors Australia's extensive online resource centre for not-for-profit board/committee members, including access to any members-only content.

The resource centre includes a Board Matching Service, an extensive suite of template policies, help sheets, a quarterly not-for-profit governance newsletter, and more.

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