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Student testimonials

"I was very keen to do the Diploma of Business (Governance) as I felt there was a gap in my knowledge of this area. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn management and leadership skills in the workplace which I have tested through relevant study. As CEO I have responsibilities for the good governance of our organisation, and have learnt a great deal on the job - however, I was again keen to test this knowledge against current theory and practice.

The Diploma was terrific - it gave me a complete overarching framework; it matched what I was learning on the job and filled in gaps, such as understanding the importance of culture; it gave very useful templates and examples which I've taken out and used since. I appreciated the links to additional resources and readings and frequently dipped into these to further my understanding in particular areas. The resource itself was well written, in plain English, (which I've tried to copy) - it doesn't collect dust on the shelf, it is something that I continually refer back to. The course made me think and improved my practice. I'm so pleased that I had the opportunity to do it and would strongly recommend it to others!"

Jocelyn B
CEO, McAuley Community Services for Women (VIC)
"I have just finished my Diploma of Business (Governance) with Natalie Bramble as my assessor. Natalie is a wealth of information on business governance and legislation and gave me support, advice and direction throughout my studies. Natalie's bubbly personality and ability to interact and engage me in all subject materials made my classroom days enjoyable. Natalie's professionalism and knowledge is to be admired and is what makes her such an amazing trainer and assessor. Nothing was ever too much trouble her for! Thank you for helping me achieve such high results in my diploma."

Samantha W
Director, Warrawee Care Centre (NSW)
"The Institute of Community Directors Australia's Diploma of Business (Governance) brought together participants from a variety of careers and experience, making the classroom discussions highly personal. The course materials were very comprehensive and expertly used by our facilitator. The assessment tasks provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my experiences as a director and as an executive who has worked in both Not-for-Profit and corporate roles."

Trent M
Executive-in-Residence, St James Ethics Centre (NSW)
"I undertook the Diploma of Business (Governance) to strengthen our organisation's impact, increase transparency and to help build a best practice model we can share with the not-for-profit sector. As a CEO with significant responsibilities to stakeholders and the wider community, it was important to complete the course and provide confidence to our board, staff and stakeholders that my governance knowledge is adequate for my role. Studying for the diploma was an excellent way to cement my current knowledge and practice and identify skills gaps. Our organisation surpassed its income target in 2015 and I attribute part of that to undertaking the Diploma of Business (Governance). I would strongly recommend the diploma and I want to take this opportunity to thank the Institute of Community Directors Australia team. Their vision for, and support of, the not-for-profit sector is unparalleled."

Rhyll D
CEO, Western Chances (VIC)
"The number one thing I've gained out of the Diploma of Business (Governance) has been a much better understanding of the legislative and compliance requirements of the board. I'm confident now that I understand the various parts of good governance and compliance, and what I need to do to ensure we meet our requirements in those areas. I've also really benefitted from learning more about reading financial reports, and also about the strategic planning cycle. It's still early days, but I've already begun putting my hand up for more things at board meetings, as I'm just more confident that I can make a useful contribution now."

Stephanie J
Board Member, Youth Affairs Council of WA
Stephanie commenced the Diploma of Business (Governance) after being awarded a BankWest Foundation scholarship through the Australian Scholarship Foundation.
"I commenced the Diploma of Business (Governance) in November 2014 so I am still working through the course units however I have implemented quite a bit from it so far. I have seen how Governance shapes and influences organisational culture as much as it drives the organisation's purpose. The course has contributed to a review of our risk management and has had a strong influence on valuing our workforce and improving our retention through our rewards and recognition program. A good part of the last year has been on renewing our strategic plan and includes activities on future sustainability and diversification of revenue which was timely given the course dates and our organisation's current position. I have really benefitted from the course and believe it will continue to assist me in my role."

Alison W
CEO, People Who Care Inc (WA)
Alison commenced the Diploma of Business (Governance) after being awarded a BankWest Foundation scholarship through the Australian Scholarship Foundation.
"The Diploma of Business (Governance) has given me a deeper understanding in a range of governance topics from strategic planning to how to negotiate well. It's not aimed specifically at education but at not-for-profit organisations generally and to me this is what gave the course greater potency and enjoyment. I believe educators working in senior management roles would benefit greatly from this very practical and well taught diploma."

Graeme I
Executive Principal, St Philip's Christian College (NSW)
"The The Diploma of Business (Governance) helped to make governance work for me - and hence helps to make it real and practical for the community I work with. The opportunity to share and work with others in similar situations and to learn with the excellent trainers is one not to be missed! Build on your existing knowledge, shift a few parameters, challenge and apply - governance in its many forms!"

Barbara L
Community Strengthening Officer, South Gipsland Shire Council (VIC)
"I wanted to let you know, encouraged by my studies, I presented changes to our constitution at a recent AGM. The changes were accepted and we've since received notification from the Office of Fair Trading that all the amendments were accepted without alteration (Our Executive Officer said they don't approve changes without requiring amendments very often!) I thought you would like to know that the Diploma of Business (Governance) is having positive impacts and practical outcomes in sunny Central Queensland."

Monica S
Chair, Central Family Support (QLD)
"The Diploma of Business (Governance) has helped me mesh the legislated, strategic and operational functions of governance. I found the face-to-face teaching was perfectly supported by the course work, delivering immediate outcomes in both my professional and community endeavours."

Alan A
Business Manager, St James Lutheran College (QLD)
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