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2019 FoCD

Upcoming Events

Listed below are all the upcoming events for the 2019 Festival of Community Directors.

Celebrating Women: a free networking event

12.30pm-2.30pm, Friday 8 March at Our Community House, 552 Victoria St, North Melbourne

ICDA's International Women's Day celebration is the first major in-person event on the Festival calendar. We invite all female ICDA members to join us for a free event at the newly opened Our Community House, where we will celebrate with you the contribution you make every single day to the community sector.

Price: FREE!

Good Ethics & Good Culture

9am-12:30pm, Melbourne CBD, Wednesday 13 March.

'Good Ethics & Good Culture' is a half-day training session presented by Dr Simon Longstaff, CEO of the Ethics Centre and one of the world's preeminent philosophers. Fresh from spear-heading the review into the culture of Cricket Australia, Dr Longstaff is ready to pass on his wisdom to help you achieve good culture.

Price: $295

Managing CEO Performance

1pm-2pm, Thursday 4 April 2019.

Amidst a rising environment of unfair dismissal claims directors of not-for-profit organisations need to ensure that their CEO appraisal processes are effective and true to their organisational values. In this webinar we'll be joined by Skye Rose, Practice Leader from Moores, to give you confidence that your CEO appraisal processes are sensible and practical and meet your legal requirements.

Price: $65

NFP Insurance Week Activities

8-12 April 2019.

Not-for-Profit Insurance Week is an initiative of Aon and Our Community that's designed to raise awareness of the importance of insurance and risk management to the survival and safety of Australia's $100 billion not-for-profit sector. This event will include provision of advice, products and support for the staff and board members tasked with overseeing the insurance and risk management of Australia's community groups.

Price: FREE!

NFP Risk Management

1pm-2pm, Monday 8 April 2019.

Learn from Aon about the latest trends in NFP Risk Management and what strategies will best help reduce the risk of your organisation being a target of fraud.

Price: FREE!

Fundraising for NFP's

1pm-2pm, Wednesday 10 April 2019.

Learn from Aon about Prize Indemnity Insurance and how it can help you raise funds for your organisation.

Price: FREE!

Boards of Management and Cyber Safety

1pm-2pm, Thursday 11 April 2019.

Learn how to ensure your directors, boards and committees are appropriately protected and what changes in legislation mean for your organisation in the event of a cyber breach.

Price: FREE!

Insurance Workshop

9am-12:30pm, Friday 12 April 2019.

An in-person training workshop, delivered by Aon, ensuring you have the right types of cover. Includes an open table discussion.

Price: FREE!

Better Governance for Schools

9am-12:30pm, Brisbane CBD, Thursday 16 May 2019. $200.

ICDA brings our half-day school-council training course, Better Governance for Schools, to Brisbane.

Price: $200

Communities in Control Conference

9am-5pm, Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 May 2019. $200-$400.

Communities in Control is Our Community's major conference. This year be inspired by Tracey Spicer AM, Lee Lin Chin, The Venerable Rod Bower, and many, many more.

Price: $200-$400

Better Websites

1pm-2pm, Wednesday 8 May 2019.

In a world where social media rules all, many have forgotten just how important a good website is. Brett de Hoedt's training video Better Websites will help you improve your organisation's online presence.

Price: FREE

Practical Impact Conference

Monday 3 June 2019, Melbourne

The 2019 Practical Impact Conference is the key conference event of the 2019 Festival of Community Directors and a must-attend event for community board members and staff leaders. Hear from renowned speakers at the new Our Community House about how you can make practical impact within your communities.

Price: TBC.

Being an Effective Chair

9am-12:30pm, Perth CBD & Sydney CBD, Wednesday 19 June 2019.

Being a good chair requires not taking over the meeting but facilitating discussion. This means creating an atmosphere where board members can debate, struggle with issues, reach compromise and at times to agree to disagree. Good chairing can be learned. Poor chairing can be a disaster for a not-for-profit organisation.

Price: $200.

Organising a Great Annual General Meeting

1pm-2pm, Wednesday 10 July 2019.

Organising a Great Annual General Meeting is a special webinar offered by ICDA for free to celebrate the Festival of Community Directors' AGM focussed week.

Price: FREE!

Assessing Board Performance

1pm-2pm, Thursday 25 July 2019.

Assessing Board Performance is a training webinar for ICDA's 2019 Festival of Community Directors. This webinar will ensure your board knows the best way to assess its performance.

Price: $65

Taking Minutes

1pm-2pm, Wednesday 7 August 2019.

At the Taking Minutes webinar you will learn everything you need to know to become an expert at taking minutes.

Price: $65

Setting an Effective Course for Your Organisation

1pm-2pm, Friday 23 August 2019.

Just as good yachties seem to find the secret wind when all looks lost, a good board can navigate its way through difficult circumstances. The trick is to be alert, adaptable and responsive. In this webinar we will investigate how boards are moving from long-term planning to adaptive strategic review, showing you how you can establish a process to keep your organisation's long-term fundamentals in place while allowing for adaptation.

Price: $65

Whistleblowing at Your NFP

1pm-2pm, Thursday 5 September 2019.

Discover the crucial role whistleblowing programs play in developing a speak up culture. This free webinar will cover the general framework of a whistleblowing program and provide insights for NFP Directors to add value to their organisation.

Price: FREE!

NFP Finance Week Activities

16-20 September 2019.

Not-for-Profit Finance Week, an initiative of Commonwealth Bank and Our Community, is a celebration of ideas, knowledge and financial capacity-building for the $100 billion Australian not-for-profit sector. The aim of this event is to bolster the financial capacity and sustainability of the sector, and provide support for the staff, board members and treasurers carrying out the important task of overseeing the finances.

Price: FREE!

How to Make a Motza during Giving Tuesday

1pm-2pm, Monday 21 October 2019.

A free webinar presented by GiveNow, Australia's best giving platform.

Price: FREE!

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