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2019 FoCD

Communicating with Clout

The key to increasing the influence of your organisation is the ability to communicate effectively with your audiences.

Better communications make everything easier - fundraising, attracting members or influencing decisionmakers.

With so many organisations out there vying for the public's attention, how do you separate yourself from the pack?

This week, the Festival of Community Directors will look at what you, as an organisation, can do to ensure you are communicating effectively with both the media and your audience.

We have teamed up with Brett de Hoedt, Mayor of Hootville Communications, who has worked with 900 nonprofits, to give you a comprehensive guide to help your organisation communicate with clout.

ICDA members will also be treated to a communications-themed edition of Community Directors Intelligence, due out on Tuesday. Don't miss it - it's a big one!

Special Releases


Hootville Mayor Brett de Hoedt premieres his free new e-book, Media Savvy: Gaining media coverage to win hearts, minds and wallets.

Brett de Hoedt:

"Media coverage is the fastest, cheapest, most effective way to get your message heard. It forces powerful people to pay attention and respond, it makes you seem big (even if you are not) and places you squarely in a leadership position.

My team at Hootville and I secured 1000+ media hits - usually about tough issues including disability services, medical assisted dying, carbon taxes, police shootings of people with mental illness and disability employment.

As a journalist and radio presenter I made judgement calls every day about which story ideas to pursue so I get what makes a story attractive.

Individuals and organisations that are able to summon media are at a huge advantage to those that cannot, so read on and be influential in a way that those social media influencers will envy.

I guarantee that anyone who reads this book and puts it into practice will get media coverage somewhere."

2019 FoCD


Brett de Hoedt is back to premiere his free new e-book and video collection, Email Marketing Savvy: A Better Life Through Email.

Brett de Hoedt:

"Trigger Warning: For most businesses, professional practices, tradespeople, consultants, charities, nonprofits, peak bodies, industry associations, local governments and government departments, email marketing (eMarketing) is the single most effective marketing tool at your disposal. It's that good.

Using mass email ain't sexy like social media but it works. That's why QANTAS, LinkedIn, Ticketmaster, ASOS and the like never stop emailing you. If they stopped emailing they'd stop making as much money.

In my experience nothing beats mass email to drive traffic to your website or to gain responses from your readers. Nothing is better value, more simply measured or as effective and that includes Facebook, Instagram, video or Twitter.

The further you move along the spectrum above from websites to social media, the smaller your potential audience. Email is still ubiquitous. It is transactional. It outperforms social media, particularly with 30yo+ demographics.

If your audience is particularly young, disadvantaged or tech savvy social media and SMS might take priority. Most communications professionals must reach businesses or older audiences and that means email."

2019 FoCD


Brett de Hoedt is back to premiere his free new workbook on The Conversion Formula.

Brett de Hoedt:

"Ever had to buy a present for someone who you didn't know very well? Of course you have. You opted for wine, chocolates or perhaps a gift card. You went for familiar favourites because you weren't on intimate enough terms to buy them something that would really hit the mark.

It's the same when you're marketing to people. The better you know them, the better you can connect to them. The better you connect, the better you can influence them.

In the marketing world, intimate knowledge of your audience is referred to as "insights".

I meet too many marketers with too few insights into their audiences. Their understanding of their audience is broad and their assumptions are self-comforting.

I'm no fan of corporate marketers but overwhelmingly they hold more insights into their audience than their nonprofit cousins.

Use this workbook to even things up. Not bad but she really wanted a cricket bat"

2019 FoCD

What's on?


Hootville Mayor Brett de Hoedt premieres his free new e-book, Media Savvy: Gaining media coverage to win hearts, minds and wallets. Learn how to identify media potential, build media relationships and pitch your story.


Release of 2019's second edition of Community Directors Intelligence. Available only to ICDA members.


Brett de Hoedt's free Better Websites webinar will help you turn your website into your most productive employee.
Book your place now!


The special release of Brett de Hoedt's free email marketing videos and e-book, Media Savvy: A Better Life Through Email, which will help you learn everything you need to know about email marketing, from list building to content suggestions.


Brett de Hoedt releases his free new workbook, The Conversion Formula, which will help you understand the best way to communicate with your target audience.


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