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2019 FoCD

Organising a Great Annual General Meeting

Almost every state Act specifies that an association has to have an annual general meeting (AGM) once per year (in Tasmania the act doesn't mention it, but you shouldn't push your luck nonetheless).

The AGM has to be held within a number of months, varying from state to state, from the start of the financial year.

Well, would you look at the calendar. The new financial year has just rolled over, so now is a perfect time to start thinking about your organisation's AGM.

To help assist you with this, we have listed a series of help-sheets from our website (usually members-only, but made free to all for this week), and we are hosting a webinar, Organising a Great Annual General Meeting, this Wednesday to help you assist with organising and conducting your AGM.

So check out the resources, join us for Wednesday's webinar, and most importantly, start thinking about your AGM.

What's on?

Organising a Great Annual General Meeting is a special webinar offered by ICDA for free to celebrate the Festival of Community Directors' AGM focussed week. Watch the recording now.


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