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The Festival of Community Directors

Board Builder conference

Do you serve on a board or committee? Do you give your time and skills to help govern a community organisation?

If you answered yes, then answer this: do you slave away trying to create a better world for future generations, toiling endlessly, thanklessly to serve your community?

Yes, of course you do - you're a community director! And because you are we believe you deserve to be thanked and celebrated!

The Institute of Community Directors Australia presented the inaugural Festival of Community Directors, a week of celebration and education for community directors across Australia. There were celebratory events for those who go "over board" for the community, culminating in our annual Board Builder conference - the most practical and best value not-for-profit board conference in Australia.

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  • Diploma in Business (Governance) BSB50715
    Australia's only diploma in not-for-profit governance
  • Tailored training programs can also be designed and delivered to meet your needs. We deliver training on many topics and can deliver training at a time and place that suits your community, and your budget.

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