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Be an effective Chair!

You're in the hot seat... now what?!

Being a good Chair doesn't mean taking over meetings. It means facilitating discussion.

Learn to create an atmosphere where board members can debate, struggle with issues, reach compromise and, at times, to agree to disagree.

This Webinar is great for:

  • Anyone who's thinking about becoming a not-for-profit Chair
  • New board members who want to understand the role of the Chair and how to work well with their own leader

Please note: You don't have to be an elected board director or an ICDA Member to attend this Webinar. Come one, come all!

Learn how to:

  • Clearly define the purpose and rules of your meetings and communication
  • Encourage and facilitate diversity on your board
  • Ensure that everyone knows the rules of the meeting
  • Be democratic, while remaining in control
  • Deal with conflict and difficult board members

About your trainer

Julie-Ann Rose

Julie-Ann Rose

Julie-Ann has a passion for community connection, community development and life-long learning and growth.

For 20 years, Julie-Ann has trained, coached and been a leader. She has fundraising and awareness-raising experience from a not-for-profit, corporate and community perspective, with experience in both rural NSW and in Melbourne.

Julie-Ann believes in the power of community, that community connection is the key to building strong communities, and that there's no end to what can be achieved by a strong, inclusive community that cares about the needs of its members and welcomes, embraces and truly values diversity.

Why Webinars work

You'll learn at a time that suits you
You can join us live or you can watch a recording of the Webinar at your own pace

You can ask your burning questions
Our Webinars include a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute interactive Q&A session where you'll call the shots

You don't need an IT degree
There's no complicated software involved. You just need a reliable internet connection to participate. You can also listen to the Webinar, live, with a landline phone connection!

This live webinar was last run:

Thursday, June 8, 2017 12-noon AEST

Pricing options:

Just $88! for a Chairs bundle (Webinar + our acclaimed "Surviving and Thriving as a Safe, Effective Board Member")


$55 Webinar only

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