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Community Finance Centre

The Community Finance Centre has been established by Our Community with our alliance partner Commonwealth Bank to give not-for-profit organisations access to tools and resources to help improve
their financial management, and better and more cost-effective banking solutions.


Free Financial Help Sheets

All our financial literacy and management help sheets, checklists and policies.


Not-for-Profit Banking Products

Find a banking product, service or solution that's backed by a team of specialist not-for-profit bankers.

Financial Literacy & Money Management Guides

Not-for-Profit Treasurers' Awards

The Commonwealth Bank Not-for-Profit Treasurers' Awards are designed to provide the recognition that our unsung community Treasurers deserve.

Not-for-Profit Finance Week

Not-for-Profit Finance Week brings together an exciting line-up of leading experts to share knowledge and wisdom in key areas of governance, fundraising, innovation and cybersecurity.

More Resources

Hack attacks a threat to NFPs - here's what to do
Out-of-date software may be leaving your organisation vulnerable to the "Petya", "WannaCry" and "Adylkuzz" type cyber-attacks that have swept the globe.
Online Financial Quiz & Tutorial
A tutorial designed for the Board/Committee members of not-for-profit organisations of all types and sizes around Australia.
How do I minimise banking fees and charges for my not-for-profit?
Every dollar saved by a community organisation is valuable. This help sheet will help you find ways to minimise the fees and charges paid by your community group.

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