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NFP Finance Week NFP Finance Week

Not-for-Profit Finance Week, an initiative of Commonwealth Bank and Our Community, is a celebration of ideas, knowledge and financial capacity-building for the $100 billion Australian not-for-profit sector.

The aim of this event, held 17-21 September 2018, is to increase the profile of the not-for-profit sector, bolster the financial capacity and sustainability of the sector, and provide support for the staff, board members and treasurers carrying out the important task of overseeing the finances.

Activities during Not-for-Profit Finance Week will centre around:

  • An information packed series of free webinars*, where you can have your questions answered
  • The NFP Treasurers' Awards, where we highlight the work of and recognise all not-for-profit treasurers

The webinars from 2018 Not-for-Profit Finance Week are no longer available. You can read a summary of each of this year's webinars below.

Not-for-Profit Finance Week Webinar Program

Accounting changes for the NFP sector - what you need to know

Presented by Aletta Boshoff, Head of IFRS Advisory Practice, BDO

The Not-for-Profit sector is facing significant changes due to the imminent implementation of four new Australian accounting standards from 1 January 2019. It's important you're aware of the impact these changes will have on your not-for-profit's financial statements, and what you need to be doing now to be ready for the new accounting requirements.

Make sure you're across the changes by joining us for our 45 minute webinar, where we'll be exploring the new requirements for recognition of:

  • Income from grants, bequests and donations
  • Revenue from customer contracts
  • Leasing arrangements, including peppercorn leases.


Questions Your Board Needs to Ask About the Finances

Presented by Patrick Moriarty, Executive Director, Institute of Community Directors Australia

Overseeing the finances is probably one of the most important tasks you have as a board member. If you don't understand how the finances work, you'll be at risk of getting caught up if anything goes wrong. Understanding the finances will ensure you're in the best position to promote and fulfil your organisation's mission.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • The questions you should be asking and the reports you should be seeing.
  • How to read, understand and act upon financial papers.
  • Ways to build financial matters into decision-making processes.


The Agile Organisation

Presented by Peter Haywood, Senior Agile Coach, Commonwealth Bank

Once considered the next buzz word, 'Agile' has proven its staying power and its ability to achieve effective fast results and cost savings.

During this 45 minute webinar, Senior Agile Coach, Peter Haywood will take you through how Agile can help you make decisions to achieve the best from your people, your communications and your service delivery including:

  • How to apply Agile in your organisation.
  • Steps to bringing continuous improvement and flexibility to your workplace.
  • Ways to keep your team focused on constant service improvement.


Cybersecurity - educating your staff, volunteers and customers

Presented by Martha McKeen, Senior Manager Digital Protection Group, Commonwealth Bank

Technology continues to revolutionise how we communicate and transact with one another. The current pace of technological change brings with it a greater threat of cybercrime. In such a climate, it is important for all organisations to maintain technological integrity, especially given the increased potential for financial loss, reputational damage and data theft.

With cybercrime estimated to cost the Australian economy over $1 billion each year, cybersecurity is something your organisation cannot afford to ignore. This 45 minute webinar will explore:

  • Current threats and trends in the world of cybercrime.
  • What an online attack is and what to look out for.
  • Simple and cost effective steps you can take to help protect your organisation.

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