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Being a good leader is hard work

We can help you be great with a great mentor.

NFP Coaching and Mentoring Program
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The Institute of Community Directors Australia has partnered with Kilfinan to provide mentoring to not-for-profit CEOs. Kilfinan shares our vision of empowering the community sector through quality governance education, support and networking.

Kilfinan Australia provides confidential, free, one-on-one mentoring to the CEOs of charities and not-for-profit organisations by senior corporate and business sector leaders.

Inspired by the UK Kilfinan Group, Kilfinan Australia was launched in 2014 and operates nationally in Australia and New Zealand.

Kilfinan's corporate mentors bring a breadth of knowledge and interests to their mentoring relationships. Each relationship is unique and created by the two individuals involved.

Once matched, a mentor and mentee structure their relationship to fit their specific needs and styles of interaction. Rather than give professional advice, the mentors work with the mentees to help them come to their own decisions. Mentors and mentees usually meet at least five to six times per year.


A mentoring relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and communication, and provides both mentor and mentee with a wide range of personal and professional benefits - ultimately leading to improved performance in the workplace.

Kilfinan Australia mentors:

  • Listen to issues and challenges.
  • Give practical suggestions.
  • Offer alternative approaches.
  • Share access to other sources of support or ideas.
  • Build the mentee's self-confidence.
  • Help crystallise priorities and develop action plans.
  • Provide insights about working with boards.
  • Discuss different ways to effectively manage performance.
  • Decrease the mentees' feelings of isolation.

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