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Our program

The NFP Coaching and Mentoring Program brings together the best of both coaching and mentoring. You will be provided with a Coaching Mentor who can help you gain new competencies and realise both your professional and personal goals.

Looking for a coach but not a mentor? Need the mentoring but not the coach? The service can be decoupled to provide either coaching or mentoring based upon your individual needs.

How does it work?

Step One

Fill out on our online Expression of Interest Form. The EOI form registers your interest and provides us with initial information to get an idea of your basic needs and wants.

Step Two

NFP Coaching and Mentoring will make time for a telephone meeting with you to explore in greater detail your specific needs and the preferred background of your potential Coaching Mentor.

Step Three

NFP Coaching and Mentoring will arrange a meeting between you and your proposed Coaching Mentor. This initial meeting will enable both you and your potential Coaching Mentor to see if you are matched well enough to work together.

Not sure if your Coaching Mentor is your perfect match? No problem. NFP Coaching and Mentoring will arrange an alternative Coaching Mentor based upon your feedback.

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