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NFP Insurance Week NFP Insurance Week

Not-for-Profit Insurance Week, an initiative of Aon and Our Community, is designed to raise awareness of the importance of insurance and risk management in Australia's $100 billion not-for-profit sector.

The aim of this event, held 19-23 March 2018, is to provide advice, products and support for the staff and board members tasked with overseeing the insurance and risk management of Australia's community groups.

Activities during Not-for-Profit Insurance Week will centre around:

  • An information packed series of free webinars, where you can have your questions answered
  • The release of new insurance products, advice and support for not-for-profit organisations

Each day during Not-for-Profit Insurance Week we will be releasing more valuable information and materials. Make sure you keep coming back to get it all.

Not-for-Profit Insurance Week Program


Monday - Insurance Health Check

Aon has put together a checklist to make sure you review your policies annually and that you currently have the correct and adequate coverage. For more information, and for your chance to win $50,000 for your NFP organisation, call Aon to get a free quote from a specialist not-for-profit broker.

Monday's Activities

  • Download the Aon Insurance Review Checklist
  • Call 1800 803 315 to receive your free quote and go into the draw to win $50,000 for your NFP organisation

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Tuesday - Understanding Cyber Risks

Technology continues to move at an incredible pace bringing with it a rapid rise in cybercrime. Now the second most reported type of economic crime, if you think your organisation is safe, it's time to think again.

Tuesday's Activities

WEBINAR: Understanding Cyber Risks with Fergus Brooks, covering:

  • The new Mandatory Data Breach Notification Law
  • Consequences of the changes to the Federal Privacy Legislation on not-for-profit organisations
  • What steps you can be taking, immediately, to mitigate these risks

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Wednesday - NDIS Information

Aon have worked together with insurers and the disability sector to develop appropriate and comprehensive insurance solutions to fully protect your organisation.

Wednesday's Activities

With the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Aon have identified four types of people/organisations involved:

  • NDIS participants - People receiving NDIS services
  • Carer's - Paid individuals providing services to someone with a disability
  • Not-for-profit organisatons - Organisations providing services to people with disabilities
  • Disability Service Providers - NDIS registered companies providing services to people with disabilities

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Thursday - Risk Management and Underinsurance

Every manager of a not-for-profit knows that there can be surprises for their organisation at any time, both good and bad - some surprises can have devastating consequences. In these cases, it is important to protect yourself through the risk management process.

Thursday's Activities

WEBINAR: Risk Management and Underinsurance with Ashley Grant, covering:

  • The risk of under and over insurance, and the role of valuations
  • How to self-assess values for insurance purpose and what to look out for
  • The difference between insurance valuations and valuations required for financial reporting
  • Asset categories; what's included and the valuations requirements for each

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Friday - Prize Indemnity Insurance and Prize Draw

Fundraising is not an easy task - standing out from the crowd can be hard. Make fundraising fun and exciting with this new specialised product from Aon. See how it works - join us live on Facebook at 2pm AEDT where someone will draw an envelope to win $50,000 for their not-for-profit organisation.

Friday's Activities

Watch the barrel draw live on Facebook at 2pm AEDT

WEBINAR: Prize Indemnity Insurance with Anthony Mahon, covering:

  • How Prize Indemnity insurance works
  • How Prize Indemnity insurance is calculated
  • How Aon's Prize Indemnity insurance solution could help increase your organisation's impact

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