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NFP Insurance Week NFP Insurance Week

Not-for-Profit Insurance Week, an initiative of Aon and Our Community, is designed to raise awareness of the importance of insurance and risk management in Australia's $100 billion not-for-profit sector.

The aim of this event, held 8-12 April 2019, is to provide advice, products and support for the staff and board members tasked with overseeing the insurance and risk management of Australia's community groups.

Activities during Not-for-Profit Insurance Week will centre around:

  • An information packed series of free webinars, where you can have your questions answered
  • The release of new insurance products, advice and support for not-for-profit organisations

Each day during Not-for-Profit Insurance Week we will be releasing more valuable information and materials. Make sure you keep coming back to get it all.

Not-for-Profit Insurance Week Program

All-week - Insurance Health Check

Aon's insurance checklist will give you confidence that you have the correct and adequate coverage. For more information, and for your chance to win a major prize for your NFP organisation, call Aon during Not-for-Profit Insurance Week to get access to the checklist, and get a free quote from a specialist not-for-profit broker.


All-week - Chat to an expert

Come meet an Aon not-for-profit insurance specialist at Our Community House in North Melbourne. They'll be available in person or online to chat to you all week, for free, about all your insurance and risk management needs.

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Monday - NFP Risk Management Webinar

Learn from Aon about the latest trends in NFP Risk Management and what strategies will best help reduce the risk of your organisation being a target of fraud.


Wednesday - Fundraising for NFP's Webinar

Learn from Aon about Prize Indemnity Insurance and how it can help you raise funds for your organisation.

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Thursday - Boards of Management & Cyber Safety Webinar

Learn how to ensure your directors, boards and committees are appropriately protected and what changes in legislation mean for your organisation in the event of a cyber breach.

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Friday - Insurance Workshop

An in-person training workshop, delivered by Aon, ensuring you have the right types of cover. Includes an open table discussion.

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Insurance Week Prize NFP Insurance Week Prize
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