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Being a good board members is hard work

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Please note: All members of the Institute of Community Directors Australia agree to abide by the Institute's code of ethics and conduct.

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1. Because not-for-profit directors are different
Governing or managing a not-for-profit is different to governing or running a company. The Institute of Community Directors Australia has been created purely for the not-for-profit sector and is dedicated to you!
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2. Because it's applicable to your needs
Membership gives benefits to people seeking a board position, brand new board members, experienced board members, and senior staff who work with boards.
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3. Because it will link you in with peer support
You will join a growing alumni of not-for-profit governance specialists, giving you access to deep connections and a vibrant network of believers and doers. There's an online forum, as well as regular face-to-face alumni events.
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4. Because being a Community Director is not a hobby
Board work (including and often especially not-for-profit board work) is becoming increasingly complex. You need to know what your legislative and compliance requirements are. We have the tools and training to keep you informed.
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5. Because it's good for your career
Membership and its benefits can advance your career opportunities as well as your community contributions.
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6. Because it opens new pathways
Membership gives you access to networks, information and opportunities which can open doors.
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7. Because why wouldn't you?
For as little as $65 a year you get all of the above plus so much more. It's a bargain.

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