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Our tools and help sheets will help you prepare for a new board role, improve yourself, and help your board function more effectively. You'll find useful resources for staff here too.

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What's involved in starting a not-for-profit group?

We explore the key issues.


Our Board Matching Service

Find a board position, or advertise a vacancy here.

Community Directors' Resources (see more in Free Advice Guides)


Get your finances under control 

Read these help sheets, plain-language guides and sample policies to help your community group manage its finances.

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Stay sharp: Develop your strategy

A failure to plan is to plan for failure - get to it! Click here for strategic planning help.

What's Popular

Technology: How to power up your digital strategy

Unlike some IT gurus, we're not just going to tell you to "turn it offand turn it on again". Here's some practical advice from the November 2017 issue of Board Builder.

Ten tips to keep you on the straight and narrow

If you're on the board or committee of a community group it's your responsibility to ensure that your organisation is financially healthy and that it's fulfilling its regulatory responsibilities.

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