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The Board Builder newsletter

The leading resource for not-for-profit boards and committees

Finding a safe path through the mirror maze of financial and legal responsibilities can be a bewildering experience for novice and experienced board members alike. But being a not-for-profit board member in the modern era is not just about being safe – it's also about being effective.

Written in a crisp, jargon-free style, The Board Builder brings a new voice and a comprehensive, practical approach to all the issues faced by not-for-profit board and committee members.

The Board Builder advances the conversation from merely identifying a problem or an issue to offering options for solving the problem or addressing the issue. It's less about philosophical discussion and more about step-by-step instruction.

The Board Builder is the membership publication of the Institute of Community Directors Australia. To subscribe, become a member: https://www.communitydirectors.com.au/icda/subscribe/.

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