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Making Meetings Work

Conquering the challenges and getting great results

If the Board can be considered the mind of a community group, the meetings are the heart. This is where all major decisions are made and the Board comes together as a group to steer the organisation towards its mission.

Making Meetings Work is your guide to overcoming the challenges and complexities that arise in meetings and make them more effective and productive.

Topics covered in this book:


  1. Introduction: Why Meetings?
  2. Names
  3. Style and Function
  4. Before the Meeting
    • The agenda
    • The minutes
    • The meeting papers
    • The mail-out
  5. The Chair's Meeting
    • The powers of the Chair
    • The functions of the Chair
    • Managing the meeting
  6. The Secretary's Meeting
    • The venue
    • Building the agenda
    • Minute-taking
  7. The Treasurer's Meeting
    • Planning the budget
    • Monitoring the budget
    • Risk management
  8. The Member's Meeting
    • Debate
    • Questioning
    • Speaking
    • Voting
  9. The Staff Member's Meeting
    • Status in the meeting
    • Function in the meeting
  10. Meetings: The Bad News
    • Malcontents
    • Dominants
    • No-shows
    • Bureaucrats and outlaws
    • Passengers
  11. After the Meeting
    • Paperwork
    • Tasks
    • Next meeting
    • Development and change
  12. The Board's Meeting: The Board View
    • Strategy
    • Oversight
    • Renewal
    • Ten quick ways to improve board meetings
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